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Organizational Structure

General Meeting of Shareholders: Consists of all shareholders entitled to vote, shall have the right to decide the company’s highest share includes the following functions:

Elect and dismiss members of the board, members of the supervisory board.

Decision amending and supplementing the charter of the company except for adjusting the charter capital by selling new shares to the extent the number of shares to be offered under the provisions of the charter company.

Board of Directors:

– The company management agencies have discretion on behalf of the company to decide matters relating to the objectives and interests of the company except for matters within the competence of the general meeting of shareholders.

Decision strategic development of the company, appointment, dismissal, demotion, director, deputy director and chief accountant, decided to wage and benefit of the managers there.

Ensuring security, fire protection, environmental protection in production and business activities.

Arrange for inspection and handling of violations of rules, statutes and regulations.

Director of the company:

-This Daily operations of the company, is responsible before the board of management organization operating comprehensive daily operational activities of the company.

– Communicate targets, plans to approve the settlement of the parts attached.

User reports, contract documents, the documents of the Company in accordance with the hierarchy of the Charter.

Consult the Board of Directors to decide on the number of employees, wages, allowances, benefits, appointment, dismissal and other terms related to their employment contracts.

-To Improve production methods and management activities of the company

Parts Sales & Customer service:

Organize research, market development shipping, forwarding, port operators and agents.

– Promote the image and services of the company, search, customer relations, negotiation, agreement fee and other modes of transport, contract signing.

Advise senior executives on business strategy, competitive strategy.

Direct provides services to customers, the decision of the container freight rates online.

Division exploitation:

Schedule vessel.

Fleet management, allocation of train routes, planned maintenance and repair to ensure transport capacity of the fleet.

-The Problem issues that arise when taken in container yards, moving the ship

Department documents:

Preparing documents and vouchers for operating officer of Customs procedures, inspect goods before loading on board and take the goods out of the warehouse.

Do the procedures relating to payments for import and export contracts.

Contact Accounting Finance Corporation, monitor and urge the settlement with customers.

Accounting department:

-Management Of financial accounting of the company in accordance with the law in order to improve the efficiency of capital use of the company

Fitting the report reflects the results of the company’s business, as a basis to review activities and provide direction to overcome shortcomings solution for next phase