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Fruits Vietnam abroad in droves …

TT After the logan, rambutan, dragon fruit market is more difficult to accept and import quite a lot, keep the door open for fresh mango VN in the market of Japan, Korea, Singapore
Chu mango harvest in Cao Lanh District, Dong Thap Province Photo: V.TR.

Pham Van Du (Deputy Director of Horticulture Department, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development) has said so when exchanged for Youth. Mr. Du said:

The country has nearly 90.000 mango, but mainly in the Mekong Delta with more than 41,000. More than 85% of the area planted two varieties of mango quality is very high Hoa Loc mangoes and mango Chu.

Research Institute of Southern Fruit and Fruit Association VN shows the quality of this two delicious mango mango varieties of Thailand and the Philippines, many consumers at home and abroad preferred.
Pham Van Du Photo: V.Tr.

* Not only VN or Thailand, the Philippines but also in many other countries have strong export mangoes. Demand for the world‘s mangoes like, sir?

Every year, Japan imported 10,000-12,000 tonnes of fresh mango, mainly from Mexico, Thailand, Philippines, Brazil, Taiwan, not to mention the juice, mango ice cream, mango cake.

Also in the Korean market demand increased by 33% / year. The average import price of mangoes in 2012 of Korea‘s $ 4,495 / ton and Japan is $ 4,955 / ton.

Imported mango market tends to increase compared with other tropical fruits for competitive rates, availability throughout the year, with the possibility of applying preservation techniques to extend the delivery time.

These conditions are forecast future mango industry continues to evolve stable. It is an opportunity for farmers and exporters of mango, if you know the choice of the appropriate market segments.

* The biggest barrier for dragon fruit, longan, rambutan and mango when you want to export to the hard market is what, sir?

Market South Korea and Japan enjoyed fresh mango, yellow, red, soft.

However, the condition is left no residue of plant protection, how the left in the manufacturing process, treated with steam to prevent fruit flies and authorities of the importing country test before delivery.

This standard is actually not so strict as other major markets such requirements.

Not only that label mango, rambutan, lychee, dragon want to export to these markets also have Global GAP standards in production processes, harvesting, processing and packaging; by importing countries evaluation, identification numbers growing areas.

It is of considerable technical barriers to us because the area, fruit production standards is small.

* The agricultural sector has nothing to prepare specialty fruits VN eligible to enter difficult markets?

The policy of the organization of the specialty fruit ingredients large scale Global GAP standards, Viet GAP longstanding.

The local models are produced dragon, longan, rambutan, mango GAP standards, but the area is small.

The need to make the local government to support the expansion of cooperatives and cooperation with area businesses to invest, product consumption. MARD has assigned the provinces with the largest raw material as commander” scattered production.

It is now of interest to many research works on the production of fruit trees scattered to high yield, avoid pests; research on post-harvest technologies to reduce losses (currently 30-40% loss), increased profits for farmers.

I also note that recent American businesses, I … had to take the garden labels, rambutan of VN to check before buying. Therefore, organizations need to produce all the GAP standards, strict new identification numbers, they grow to import the products in that area.

Conference “Agricultural VN with Japanese technology

At 13g today 15-11 at the New World Hotel (HCMC), and newspaper Tuoi Tre newspaper Mainichi (Japan) organized a workshop developed agricultural markets VN Japan under the theme “Agricultural VN with Japanese technology. “

Is expected to be attended by representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and fisheries in Japan, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development VN, HCM City leaders and about 100 businesses in Japan and VN activities in the field production, processing, distribution agricultural products, fisheries and are intending to invest, business in VN.

Delegates will focus the discussion to clarify what is the point of having to change the production of agricultural products in the Japanese market? How to collaborate successfully with Japanese firms in this field?